There or Thereabouts

I have been writing since I was seven years old. I developed a courage and resilience growing up after the passing of my father when I was ten years old. Residing between a south suburb of Chicago and southeast Missouri I was active in basketball and track. My self-education was as important as my academic grades. Self-education began early in my life with the study of world history and movements associated with human rights.

I would serve honorably for eleven years in the United States Army. My travels have taken me to three continents and two dozen countries before completing my career as a veteran. While serving in the military I broadly studied psychology, sociology, philosophy, world history, and geography. I developed human resourcing skills through eight years of increased leadership roles. My career provided exceptional skills in public speaking and informative writing. My tenure serving in the military assisted in becoming an assertive, well-mannered professional.

After exiting the military in 2011, I attended film school. I had the privilege to learn the basis of film technique from professionals who have been in the independent and documentary film industry for over two decades. My portfolio for film management has strengthened. The experience assisted in understanding the psychology behind storytelling. Since graduating in 2012, I have taken a humble path for my words to reach your eyes.

My travels have brought me closer to artists that developed my awareness of the diverse culture in the United States. Along the way I have taken independent writing contracts. Mentored struggling citizens from all walks of life as a life coach. I specialized in mentoring leadership and life management skills never receiving any income; my approach was purposeful. Done in the manner of what is coined as ‘pay it forward’. Over the course of my eleven years in the military I was always in the rush of the duty set before me, and this charge gave me little time to reflect on higher education. I specifically choose to offer my support to humanity. The past six years have been a purposeful act to give patience and depth to a long lasting career as a writer.

Traveling across forty of the United States, aside my world travels while serving, have given me the opportunity to encounter unique personalities, observe culture, and the scope of heritage within that strikes at the core meaning of my work. I have continued my growth by using my tested skills for research and data mining; taking copious notes of my inner and outer discovery along the way. My life has been an example of the passion I wish to fuse in storytelling.

The influences in my life involve the unheard of heroes. Those who allow others to live free, and with little comfort for themselves while giving onto this world. Men and women who at times found themselves living paycheck to paycheck. Even those who huddle together in broken lives across the bi-ways of our globe. With great care, and a keen eye for research, I have thrust myself into the notable works of mentors before my time. The life of some of the greatest leaders in human history have offered me unique knowledge I could have not otherwise found. Not to mention the musings of a life listening to music refining my prose and etiquette.

The most important point that equates to my art keeps with the good spirit of open knowledge. It provides the true vision of the meaning behind Thomas Jefferson’s original explanation of the declaration of independence, “…not to find out new principles or new arguments never before thought of, nor merely to say things which have never been said before, but to place before man-kind common sense of the subject in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent and to justify ourselves in the independent stand we are compelled to take.”

My approach has become important developing a natural discovery for my writing and photography. I am not setting out to make an example of self-education. I am providing feedback that observes the genius from the past to the present, and all the areas time and space has graciously offered me.

My essays by no means are the work of masterpieces. Just maybe, for the few they can find comfort and peace of mind, they can assist in the pitfalls life may deliver. My writing has never been the solution to cure the depressed or remove doubt. Transcribed here are the ideas accumulated over three and half decades of experience. Made possible by the people who have shared and provided what made me the man I am today. As for the masterpieces and brilliant writers that have come before me they have become mentors for a life lived on my feet always moving forward.

Currently organizing new and revised essays as well as preparing my poetry to be published. My essays take center stage here. My poetry has been a cross-word puzzle in my leisure to develop a greater ‘try’ in a different form. The fantastical and worldly blends assist so my long form of work can remain as comprehensive for the future of my children who will come across my words, or for those like-minded who will appreciate the effort.